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Dearest Friends,

You are drawn to Samuel’s teachings because you are an amazing being who is here to guide and guard all life force on this planet to the completion of Sacred Status. As a Guardian, you help create miracles in this world with your Love, joy, compassion, and Light.  Phoenix Institute, a totally volunteer 501 (c)(3) organization, was created by Samuel over 35 years ago to be a place where we learn to live the brilliant Love and Light that we truly are.  Phoenix is an organization founded on Samuel’s teachings, and his vision is to support the miracle of you by providing services to the entire community—helping you live the teachings in service to this planet.

Some of the opportunities we provide are the live streaming of Samuel’s monthly message—making it accessible to the Phoenix community all over the world; the website—; the OneHeart Energy Network, and December events.  In addition to the costs of our programs, we’ve had to repair and maintain our beloved, aging building. Some of the repairs have been completed this past fiscal year, and we’ve decreased some costs for overhead. Our physical building budget for this new fiscal year will be about $22,300.

Samuel says of the Phoenix Pledge Program: "Have you received positive returns from this work? Then giving back to it ensures that not only will this work continue and be able to give YOU more, but it will be able to give more to others as well. And beyond that, conscious and consistent giving creates a link with the Source Field that magnetizes the return to you in such a way that the return is accelerated. There is nothing to lose.”

With our Pledge Program, you can give monthly, quarterly, or annually. Even a small amount given on a regular basis will make a difference.  If you are already supporting Phoenix Institute, will you consider increasing your support?

You can begin your support of Samuel’s work through Phoenix Institute now by making your tax-deductible donation using the button on this page or sending a check made out to Phoenix Institute to:

Attention: Mary Claire
Phoenix Institute
PO Box 12963
Lexington, KY 40583-2963

If you have any questions or would like to email me:
Please help us continue to offer the services that help you change the world!

With much love,
Mary Claire O’Neal
Fundraising Committee

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