Phoenix Institute

Lexington, KY

Phoenix Building

In 1985 Phoenix Institute opened its doors to a growing community of people experiencing positive life change through the teachings of “Samuel,” a nonphysical energy being who works with and through Lea Schultz in a process he calls Transformational Channeling.

Since that time, the nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization has grown to touch lives not only in Lexington but throughout the US and beyond through its far-reaching newsletter and website.

Samuel’s practical yet powerful teachings touch hearts and minds in a way that is rarely experienced in today’s world. And what’s more, Samuel’s teachings are all about empowerment, which is a very specific focus of Phoenix Institute’s work: empowering you to employ a new perspective, risk change, conquer fear, and become the best you can be in a world that needs your example of Living Love.

What is channeling?

If you have ever had an experience in which you just “knew” something would happen—and it did—or had a time in which you received a call from someone you’d just been thinking about, you have experienced a type of channeling. Because of that, you may also relate to the concept that communication (which is ultimately an energy transfer) can move through us and through the world in many different ways. Channeling is an ancient version of that energy transfer. Samuel, as we refer to the energy that works with Lea, is very clear that what he is has no name, masculine form, nor does it have a Scottish brogue (which differs from Lea’s normal Texas-Kentucky accent), but that he uses those things so we will have an easier time relating to him and his teachings. This transfer of energy and information through Lea has brought Samuel’s teachings to us for the past 30 years. For more information about Lea, and her organization EarthLight, please check out the DiscoverSamuel page about EarthLight.

What sorts of people take part in Phoenix Institute?

Phoenix is made up of a dynamic group of positive, loving people from all walks of life and levels of education. They are people who have experienced for themselves the magic and power of Samuel and the multiple layers of his teachings. Many have felt an internal restlessness coupled with a strong desire to help this world, and they know they are a part of something much greater—something without the boundaries this world seems to need. Nearly all who take part in this work would say they have seemingly always known there was more to themselves and the world than what was seen on the outside. As a result, they’re people who are willing to look at new perspectives about themselves, the world, and how this Universe works, and it has given them a very different attitude than is typically found in this culture: they’re happy.

And mostly that’s because they’re people who are actively incorporating Samuel’s inspiring teachings into their own lives so they may more effectively and positively Live Love, and thus serve this world.

Do you have a desire to learn how to live a love-filled and empowered life? Have you always had a feeling there was more to life, and that you had a special part in helping people grow and change? Are you one of these people? If your answer is yes, Samuel would call you a “Guardian” and say you have made a compact to come here at the earth’s time of need to help empower it and all life force on it reach Sacred Status. Want to know more?

Can I join Phoenix, and how is it financially supported?

Phoenix Institute is not a membership organization, nor does it have a religious affiliation. Its events cut across boundaries to provide all who come a loving environment for learning to experience and create miracles in their lives.

Additionally, Phoenix is a fully volunteer organization with no paid staff, and all of its financial support comes from donations or fees for registered classes (such as Lifescapes, Greenhouses (special classes), and the Retreat). Phoenix Institute, Inc. is a highly rated charitable organization registered with the IRS as a nonprofit, tax-exempt, charitable organization under 501(c)(3). If you’d like more information about where our money goes, check our listing with the IRS, or just ask; we’d be happy to give you more financial information.

I’m ready; how can I get involved?

VolunteerIf you are ready for more information about Samuel's teachings and his vision for the planet and have been hoping to expand your life to include a group of positively empowered people for new friendships, come to a free meeting to hear Samuel and don’t be shy about asking questions of the people who take part. Most people at meetings can either answer your questions or can direct you to someone who can.

If you’d like to get even more involved, volunteer for one or more of our many committees or task forces for a project, a month, or a year or more. Being an intimate part of the workings of Phoenix is not only very fulfilling but, as Samuel often says, it puts you on the fast track for spiritual growth. “You become less of ‘who’ you are,” he says, “and more of ‘what’ you are—a Being of Light, Love and Power, ready and willing to be a function of Unity, Hope, Source Love and that Great Oneness that is meant to be a part of this world.”

OneHeart and One Mind, here I come!

You can receive mail or e-mails about Phoenix’s special events or offers, or be placed on PI’s local directory by leaving your name, phone number, e-mail, and street address in the donation box in the Phoenix building lobby, or you can contact Phoenix by phone at 859-231-8449 or signing up for the notification list on the home page.