Raising Your Spiritual Frequency

Are you looking for a program that offers a supportive and vibrant environment where those with a common vision can come together to discuss, encourage, and help one another to be the Shining Force that we each truly are? If so, then your timing is perfect because Program Development has created a program titled, “Raising Your Spiritual Frequency” to do exactly that. Based on Samuel's current teachings, this 9-week program offers a means to restructure our lives in ways that amplifies our Guardianship.


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Integrating the First Wave of Energetic Transformation

"You are in the midst of a great shift in Ascension. Your multi-dimensional reality brings you to a place of remembrance and reconnection. It is a time of dancing in the great power of having one foot in the fire and the other in the Great Spiral."

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Claim Your Brilliance: Samuel discusses your Galactic Family

Samuel says we are all ETs—we have come from the stars, shining like brilliant beacons of Love, to awaken and activate this world. Learn more about your starry heritage at this discussion with Samuel.

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Integrating the First Wave of Energetic Transformation

"You are in the midst of a great shift in Ascension. Your multi-dimensional reality brings you to a place of remembrance and reconnection. It is a time of dancing in the great power of having one foot in the fire and the other in the Great Spiral."

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Upcoming Events to meet Samuel

Sat, 02/13/2016 - 1:30pm - 5:00pm
Kennesaw, Georgia

Integrating the First Wave of Energetic Transformation

"You are in the...

Sat, 02/27/2016 - 10:00am - 1:30pm
Coraopolis, Pennsylvania

Integrating the First Wave of Energetic Transformation

"You are in the...

Sun, 03/06/2016 - 5:00pm
Lexington, Kentucky

Samuel’s free, first Sunday of the month program at Phoenix Institute is where many people first encounter Samuel...

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Who Is Samuel?

Photo of Lea SchultzI sat down to answer this question and realized it was more difficult than I thought!

Samuel is so much more than a description of what he is made of (“pure, unlimited energy”), how he conveys his information to us (“Transformational Channeling”), or even a listing of the wide range of topics his teachings cover (from activating our latent DNA to creating our day-to-day reality, from communicating better within relationships to understanding the spiritual nature of the Universe).

But it is all those things that cause me to say Samuel is the embodiment of love, wisdom and all things Source. He is a great teacher, dear friend, trusted confidant, amazing leader, and helpful tour guide. I, like many others, conclude he is “home” for our souls, and a part of the Spirit we truly are.

From the beginning of our work together Samuel said he is not here for the masses (and there goes any hopes for fame and fortune!). He says he is here for the special few (“Guardians”) who have chosen to come here at this time of transition to serve this world and all life force upon it so that earth might attain the Sacred Status that is part of the Plan for this planet.

His work is about helping us remember WHAT we truly are so we can become the high frequency Beings of Light and Love we are meant to be. It is the fast track to releasing the effects of the fears and sorrows that keep us “only human,” and to learning to move beyond “normal” into the heart-centered life we are meant to live.

Those who are drawn to his work seem to have always known that there was more to the world and themselves than what is typically accepted, and therefore, unlike the "masses" they are willing to be open-minded to become open-hearted. Still, Samuel regularly cautions those in his audiences to be "open-minded, but not so open your brains fall out," as well as reminding us that there are many paths that will fulfill your spiritual needs, so if you find his teachings don't speak to you, keep looking, because if you are an honest Seeker you WILL find a path that works for you. Even though many of Samuel's teachings are down-to-earth and useful for everyone, he reminds us his compact is with a relative few.

If you're reading this, then maybe you're one of those few. I hope so, because the loving community of people which naturally radiates out from Samuel's work, people who are choosing to be their best and consciously live love every moment, is a great gift to those who participate, and there's always room for more!

May you be blessed with all that you need to be the best you can be!

With great love, always and all ways,
Lea Schultz

Samuel's Friends

Quotes from Samuel

"I think it's going to be particularly interesting when we all get together again without all of these versions of form, then you will see that this is all one breath. All of it."

"Because of Free Will you learn to adapt or suffer."

"You are not finished with a thing, a lesson, a situation until you can express genuine gratitude for it."

"Manipulation with the intent for 'right action' is often called leadership."

"You amplify your happiness by consciously recognizing what you're thankful for."

"The beauty you see in this world is equal to the love that you experience."

"Avoiding fear will change your path for the worse."

"You sabotage by presuming the worst because that's what giving into fear is."

"Presume the worst of yourself, you hold yourself back from joy. Presume the worst of others, you hold yourself back from life."

"You must take action to change your world."

"Compassion is what happens to your thoughts when your heart is centered in the recognition that we are all One."

"You fill your life with things that do not mean much to you, because it is your way of buying the pleasure of someone who means much to you."

"More than ever before, what your world needs is for you to be in love."

"Creative energy gives birth to wisdom."

"Seeing the possibility for change is a healer's work."

"You're only having a relationship with yourself when all you care about is how you're doing. You are experiencing love when what you care about is how the other is doing because it makes you do better, too."

"Be well because you can be. Be strong because you are. Be whole and aware and share that in this world. Live the love you are here to give. Use it to bring balance into your life and into your world. This is a time of great powe

"Guardians always seek balance."

"One of the most important things this world is without right now is Guardians who are aware that they shape reality."

"If it's touching your life, it's there because there's something you can do."

"Compassion is the only way your world will have justice."

"The good that you see in the world is a reflection of the good you allow yourself to experience with your own self."

"You have a responsibility to know why you believe what you do, but you don't have the right to push that belief on others because you know it's good for them."

"Sacred Status is a journey that begins when the majority on the planet are aware of a spiritual aspect to themselves. It ends when that spiritual aspect is activated, which starts a whole different experience altogether."

"The most important thing that there is is for Guardians to fulfill their promise."

"HERE is where you are. HERE is where your power is. This, THIS, is your moment of proof. There is not yesterday, there is not tomorrow. You have right now. What you are doing with it determines what you see tomorrow."

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